About us


Welcome to Na-Na Underwear Atelier!♥

 Our atelier was born in 2014 in Ukraine.  

My name is Anastasia, and I am the creator, designer, and seamstress of this brand.  

All my life I dreamed of creating beautiful things, elegant clothes .. and as it turned out - underwear.  

For me, it is the greatest dream, achievement, and happiness to create for other people those things that will make them happy and self-confident.  

At the moment, our catalogue presents more than 80 models of underwear.

Each style was created from modelling to tailoring personally by me.

 I work in the studio alone, so sewing takes from 7 business days to 14.  

For sewing lingerie, we use quality materials and always strive to improve the quality of products.  

Thank you very much for choosing our store!

With love and best regards,